Shelter Garage Sale – June 9

Our upcoming Annual Shelter Garage Sale is scheduled for Saturday, June 9th.   Your “I don’t need it, use it for the animals!” donations make this fundraising event a success.  Our sale depends on the household goods, camping gear, kitchen utensils, yard tools, furniture, knick knacks and lightly used treasures you no longer need.  Reduce your clutter and donate it to the Shelter Garage Sale.   It is Recycling with a Cause.  We will be collecting donated items through May 31.

If you can donate to our sale, bring your treasures to the shelter during business hours, Mon – Fri, 12 – 5 pm and Saturday, 12 – 4 pm.  Our sale includes everything but clothing and outdated TV’s/Technology.  If you have a large item or need to make arrangements to bring your donations at another time, please call ahead, 715 268-7387 (PETS).