AMHS Closed to Public

AMHS Closed to the Public Until Further Notice.

     With recommendations of the Wisconsin Department of Health, CDC and WHO, Arnell Memorial Humane Society has made the difficult decision to close the shelter to the public, until further notice.   Our staff works tirelessly every day to care for the animals at our shelter and always put the animals’ care first. However, at this point, we must now care for the staff so that they will be able to continue to provide for the animals in our care.
The temporary closure of the shelter is unprecedented but we feel that limiting the number of people who pass through our shelter is the wise and socially responsible decision to make at this time.
National Animal Welfare Organizations are recommending shelters lower the number of animals in our care. On their recommendation, we are suspending the intake of stray cats, kittens and owner-surrendered pets.
To prevent overcrowding within the shelter, we are asking the community to get involved in finding owners of Stray Pets – We will help you. For further details, go to our Stray Pets at Arnell posting.