giveBIG 2021

     Chumley wants to make sure you know that the Annual Day of Giving, giveBIG St. Croix Valley, is next week, on Tuesday April 27th., you will have an opportunity to support local non-profits.  The online giveBIG St. Croix Valley fundraiser will introduce you to 83 organizations doing good work to make life better for others in your community.  Visit the fundraiser page at: to see all of the amazing  groups, including Arnell Memorial Humane Society.

Your local non-profit animal shelter at AMHS is a safety net for lost and stray cats and dogs, providing shelter, reclaim, medical care, enrichment and adoption for animals in need of a helping hand.  Just this Spring 2021, Arnell has saved over 100 animals, including Chumley, Stanley and Elsie who all needed extra special care to make them whole again.
Chumley, a French Bulldog mix came to the shelter as a stray, found on the side of the road.  He had multiple medical conditions – upper respiratory infection, bacterial fungus covering his entire body, hip dysplasia causing mobility issues and severe entropion inflammation to his left eye that completely buried his eyeball in irritated tissue.  In addition, he was starving; we were able to see every rib and backbone vertebrae prominently.  After five weeks of medical care and therapy, Chumley was healthy enough to continue his journey with a rescue group.
Elsie was a 12+ year old Springer Spaniel Stray.  She too was found wandering in the road.  Elsie was a spry old girl with pep in her step and a happy heart.  She was spayed and had multiple cancerous mammary tumors removed before her adoption and a new life.  Stanley came to the shelter as a blind Doberman mix puppy.  Congenital cataracts had caused his left eye to burst and its’ removal was needed.   After surgery and healing, Stanley found a fantastic home through the Arnell shelter.   AMHS was able to help save these animals, make them whole again and offer a better life.  Their stories are three of many in need.

The giveBIG fundraiser is a great way to support AMHS and the animals that need help in our area.  On or Before April 27th, you can donate to make a difference in their lives.
Donate before April 27th by mailing a check to AMHS, 185 Griffin St East, Amery, WI  54001.  Please note on your check, written to AMHS, that your donation is for the giveBIG event.  Donations may also be hand delivered to the shelter during business hours:  Mon – Fri, 12 – 5 and Sat, 12 – 4 pm.
If you are able to donate online on April 27th  your gift will be eligible for hourly Golden Ticket prizes, the Unique Donor Award and Additional funding during Power Hours of 10-11 am and 2-3 pm.  While practicing social distancing, you will help the nonprofits and programs you love. All proceeds to Arnell will help to provide services to the animals in our care and the community.
This past year has been brutal for everyone.  During the pandemic, Arnell continued to provide care and adoptions by appointment but was unable to fundraise as in the past.  Donations and Adoption fees were our only source of income in 2020.  That means that your contribution is needed more than ever this year.
Our goal for giveBIG 2021 is to raise $18,000.  The AMHS Board of Directors and Purina are pledging $7,000 in matching donation to double your gift to the shelter.

You can donate anytime between now and April 27th at midnight to be included in the giveBIG total.  Go to, click on the large green Donate button and scroll search for AMHS to make your donation.  By covering the small processing fee associated with online donations, your entire donation will reach Arnell and make a difference in the total amount raised.
Thank you for your generous gifts for the animals. They are counting on you.  Arnell Memorial Humane Society, 185 Griffin St East, Amery, 54001, 715 268-7387, and Facebook.