Stray Pets At Arnell Shelter

A List of Stray Pets at the Arnell shelter is posted at the front entrance of our building.  It can be viewed 24/7.  Please call the shelter to report your lost pet or report a found pet.  If your stray pet has been brought to the safety of our shelter, Please call shelter to arrange reclaim:  715 268-7387

To view photos of stray pets that have come to Arnell Humane Society, click on the Blue "F" Facebook button at the bottom of our home page.  You don't need to be a member of Facebook to scroll through our photos.


To prevent overcrowding within the shelter during the Coronavirus Outbreak, we are asking the community to get involved in finding owners of Stray Pets – We will help you.  AMHS will continue to be a hub in our community for finding a Lost pet or reporting a Found pet, by hosting photos and descriptions of the strays on our Facebook page.

If you find a stray pet, we ask that you foster and reunite lost pets with their families with our help.  By sharing a photo and description of the Lost or Found Pet on our Facebook page, we will work together as a team to return Lost Pets to their families.

Our photos of Lost and Found pets are shared with Lost Dogs and Lost Cats of Wisconsin and our incredible network of Facebook followers.  It will be safer for all involved, if face to face contact at the shelter is eliminated.

To report a Lost or Found Pet:  Send a Photo and description of the Lost or Found Pet to the Arnell Facebook Page by Messenger.  You needn’t be a Facebook subscriber to send us a Message with a photo.  Call us if you need help navigating the page to send your information.

The Pet in the photo should be easily recognizable.

Description of a Cat should include:  Sex, Color, approximate Age (Adult or Kitten), Coat Length, Where the Cat was Lost or Found and Contact Information.

Description of a Dog should include:  Breed or Breed Mix, Sex, Coat Length and Color, Approximate Age (Senior, Adult, Puppy), Color of Collar and any information on an ID tag, Where the Dog was Lost or Found and Contact Information.
If you are unable to send a photo by Messenger to our Facebook page, Call the shelter and leave a detailed message.

We will return your call as soon as possible to verify your information. 715 268-7387 (PETS)