VOLUNTEERING at Arnell Humane Society

Volunteers are an important part of our team and are essential to providing the best possible care for the animals at Arnell Humane Society.  Volunteers who work directly with animals can increase an animal's chances of adoption by providing additional human contact, making them more sociable and content.

Volunteers who clean kennels are helping us provide a safe and healthy environment for the animals in our care as well as presenting a welcoming atmosphere to adopters.   It all makes a difference for the animals.
As an AMHS volunteer, you have the responsibility to:

  • Meet your time commitments or provide adequate notice so other arrangements can be made
  • Be trusted with confidential information necessary to do your work
    Perform assigned work to the best of your ability, independently.
  • Follow organizational policies, procedures and protocols
  • Be open-minded and respectful of others
  • Accept reasonable tasks with a positive attitude
    Comply with rules and regulations of AMHS
    Respect our knowledgeable staff and follow directions

Please fill out and send us your online Volunteer Application.  The Volunteer position descriptions are listed below and are those most in need.  They offer volunteers a chance to make a significant impact on the animals’ lives and the success of our shelter.   (If you are interested in Fostering in your home, please fill out the Foster Application.)
Once your application has been received, a Shelter Representative will call you to discuss your application and the shifts available.  Click Here to fill out an AMHS Volunteer Application.

Morning Cleaning – 9 am to 12 Noon:  This position will assist an Animal Caretaker with feeding, cleaning and if time permits, exercising the dogs before the shelter opens at Noon.  These duties require bending, kneeling, wiping and scrubbing with the appropriate tools and sanitizing agents.   It allows the volunteer to get to know the animals one on one.  A clean shelter has the power to make the difference in an adopter’s decision to take an animal home from our shelter.  A clean shelter is a healthy shelter.
Dog walking during this shift will depend on the dogs.  Short walks can be added at the beginning or end of the cleaning shift.

Dog Walking:
Shelter dogs need daily exercise and companionship. Time spent on a walk allows them to release the tensions of the kennel, connect with people and learn new skills.  They are often untrained and in need of a helping hand with basic manners.  A volunteer dog walker helps shelter dogs become more adoptable and ensures a successful adoption once they are placed.
If a shelter dog can get two or three short walks with human interaction each day, their stay will be so much more enjoyable.  Behavior skills will improve their adoptability with each positive interaction.  Our goal is to have each dog in our care receive three walks per day.  Signing up for Dog Walking shifts offered throughout the day will help us accomplish this goal for them.
As you get to know each dog, you will learn which routine best meets their needs.  Our shelter dogs are extra excited to see you and are ready to head out the door.  The exercise pen, walking trails, treats and poop bags are available. An indoor exercise room is available during cold winter months.
A twenty minute minimum walk is recommended for each dog.  Quiet time petting and reassuring a shelter dog is walk time well spent.

Morning Dog Walker – 9 am to 12 Noon:  This position is responsible for exercising the shelter dogs after morning feeding.  The Morning Cleaning is happening during this shift and the Morning Dog Walker must be able to work independently around the Cleaning Staff.

Mid Day Dog Walker – 12 Noon to 3 pm:  This position is responsible for exercising the shelter dogs, utilizing the walking paths and exercise pens.   The Mid Day Dog Walker will work independently with assistance when necessary from Shelter Staff.

Afternoon Chores – 3 – 5 pm:  A volunteer in this position will feed the evening meal to dogs and cats.  She will wash the bowls, clear the kitty litter pans of waste and prepare the pets for an evening with clean water, blankets and treats.  If time permits, the Afternoon Chore volunteer will also have a chance to take the dogs for a short walk before bed time.  We appreciate your interest and willingness to share our time to make the world a better place for animals.  As a nonprofit animal care agency, we depend on our volunteer team to support our efforts to provide quality care for the animals at the shelter.

It is our hope that you will find your volunteer experience at Arnell to be enjoyable and rewarding.  You can be certain that your contribution is truly appreciated by both the staff and the animals.

Volunteer Application

* Parent or guardian must accompany and stay with any volunteer under the age of 16.

Please note days of week you are available, Sun- Saturday. Volunteers must complete volunteer orientation and training for each position.

Please note days of week you are available, Sun- Saturday. Volunteers must complete volunteer orientation and training for each position.

Please see online Foster Application
Please see online Foster Application
Please see online Foster Application
Please see online Foster Application
Please share information of experience, limitations, questions or any further information pertaining to volunteering.
(example: Computer/Web site skills, Vet Tech, Carpenter/Plumber, Fundraising, Handy Person Maintenance)

The undersigned certify that they are aware of all the inherent dangers of volunteering at Arnell Memorial Humane Society, Inc., including bites or other injuries by the animals at the shelter. The volunteer will assume all risks in connections with volunteering at AMHS. The undersigned release AMHS, agents, employees, officers and directors from any injury or damage that may befall the volunteer while engaged in volunteer activities, including all risks connected therewith, whether foreseen or unforeseen. The undersigned further agree to save and hold harmless Arnell Memorial Humane Society, Inc., agents, employees, directors and officers, from any claim by me or my family, estate, heirs or assigns, arising from my participation as a volunteer.

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