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for an easy way to donate Wish List items directly to the shelter.

Our Shelter Wish List allows us to keep our shelter clean and pets pampered.  Please consider donating these items always in need.
Until our pets find their new homes, we try to pamper them a little.  For the dogs, this includes biscuit treats during and at the end of the day, rubber kong toys filled with frozen canned dog food at night and hot dog training treats.  We use hot dogs as “pill pockets” for medications and also to train and treat the dogs.  Your gift will reward their good behavior and will provide a bit of home to their time at the shelter.
We try to keep our shelter cats on a steady diet of Purina “Naturals” Cat Chow and Purina Kitten Chow.  Keeping our shelter cats happy requires a clean litter box, using 10 pounds of litter per day.    Thank you!